Month: March 2015

Insight Talk

Insight Talk – The Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow

Tuesday 10th March, 1pm

A lovely crowd joined us yesterday for a ten minute free talk in The Hunterian Museum at The University of Glasgow as part of their lunchtime Insight Talk series. MS Hunter 3 is on temporary display in the museum and so we dropped by to illuminate the Northern Rebellion using the pardon issued to those involved in the rebellion of the earls of Northumberland and Westmoreland (fol.59). The dramatic castle sieges, the storming of Durham cathedral, the influence of the fiery wives and the obligatory Tudor beheading hopefully attracted Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall fans while the manuscript forced us to consider the human cost of the revolt. Some 600 men were executed for their involvement in the rebellion and hundreds more were imprisoned, fined or had property confiscated.

MS Hunter 3 will be on display in The Hunterian for a few weeks yet so get down there to take a look. Even just to have a nose at that fabulous signature of Queen Elizabeth I.

Credit: Ruth Fletcher

Credit: Ruth Fletcher