‘Returns to be made of persons, ships and goods arrested in the Low Countries’: MS Hunter 3, folio 54.

Ms Hunter 3, fol. 54. Held at Special Collections Glasgow University Library

MS Hunter 3, fol. 54. Held at Special Collections Glasgow University Library

Catalogue details

Archive reference: MS Hunter 3, folio. 54. Special Collections, Glasgow University Library. See here for more information.

Date: June 1570

Document details: Proclamation signed by Queen Elizabeth I regarding arrests recently made in the Low Countries of property and persons under the Duke of Alba’s authority.

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PDF  edition of  Modernised Transcript of MS Hunter 3, fol. 54




f.54 sig.close up

MS Hunter 3, fol.54. Special Collections, Glasgow University Library. Zoom view of signature of Queen Elizabeth I.


1. Elizabeth R                                                                  By the Queen

2.  Where, by occasion of certain arrests made in the Low Countries of the King of Spain, in the year of our Lord 1568, by order of the Duke of Alba, Lieutenant and Captain General

3.  in the said Low Countries, the Queen’s Majesty’s subjects with all their goods, ships, merchandises, and moneys, were there taken, detained and seized, and the like after

4.  that was executed in the Spain and other the said King’s countries. For the remedy of, the Queen’s Majesty at the insistence of her merchants and subjects whom the

5.  same did concern, did use such means in staying of the goods and merchandises of the subjects of the said King within her dominions, as by the treaties of peace

6.  and entercourse betwixt the predecessors of Her Majesty and the said King was lefull, and as had been before times used. And since that time also Her Majesty of late upon –

7.  motion made to her by sundry merchants strangers, pretending interest in some part of the goods here stayed, hath been pleased to admit a convocation and treaty

8.  to be had as well here in this realm as on the other side of the seas for the behoof of the merchants of both parts. To the intent there might be a release –

9.  delivery and restitution or recompense of and for all manner of persons arrested, with their goods, ships, merchandises and moneys, and thereby some further

10. occasion given to revue the former friendly entrecours of merchants on all parts according to their initial desire, the discontinuance whereof was neither

11. intended nor occasioned by her Majesty. Hereupon it hath seemed meet to Her Majesty, therein following the like order as in the said King’s name by deliberation

13. of the said Duke of Alba in the said Low Countries hath been published about the beginning of this month, that some certain knowledge should be had of the losses

14. and damage of Her Majesty’s subjects by reason of the foresaid arrests, so as their indemnities might be provided for. And therefore Her Majesty willith

15. and commandith that all and every her subjects or other inhabitants within her realms and dominions that will or desire to have delivery and restitution

16. of their goods, or any other things detained and arrested in any of Her Majesty’s countries, shall within one month after the publication hereof in any shire

17. of this realm present or send into the hands of the Principal Officers of any one of these cities and towns following, that is to say London –

18. Southampton, Bristol, Chester, Newcastle, Hull and Ipswich, as they shall find it most convenient, a certain and particular declaration of

19. the persons, ships, goods, merchandises, debts or money, which hath been taken or seized by reason of the said arrests in any of the said King’s countries

20. and dominions. And after the same shall be so delivered to the foresaid Principal Officers of any of the foresaid cities or towns, Her Majesty further –

21. willith and commandith that to all the said declarations filed together, the common seal of the said cities and towns shall be affixed. And after

22. then, immediately send and delivered to the Court of the Admiralty in the said city of London, there to remain to be considered as Her Majesty shall

23. further order for the benefit of her subjects. Given at Her Majesty’s manor of Oatland the last day of June 1570. In the twelfth year of Her

24. Majesty’s reign.



folio 54 (1) lefull

MS Hunter 3, fol.54. Special Collections, Glasgow University Library. Zoom view of “lefull” – explained in Glossary.

behoof;  the use, benefit or advantage of something for someone

Duke of Alba; Fernando Álvarez de Toledo (1507-1582) was a Spanish general who was appointed Governor of the Netherlands in 1567 to tackle the growing dissent in many provinces.

entercourse: archaic spelling of intercourse derived from the Old French “entrecours” (which is in fact the original spelling used in folio 54) meaning commerce or exchange. [Oxford English Dictionary, http://www.oed.com.ezproxy.lib.gla.ac.uk/view/Entry/97677?rskey=XGw7U1&result=1&isAdvanced=false#eid, last accessed 31/07/2014].

King of Spain; King Philip II of Spain (1527-1598), husband of Mary Tudor, Queen Mary I of England, half-sister and predecessor of Queen Elizabeth I. Philip II of Spain was lord of the Spanish Netherlands or Low Countries from 1555. It was under his rule that the Spanish Armada was launched against England. A devout Catholic he was often in opposition to the Protestant policies favoured by Queen Elizabeth I and her advisors.

lefull;  faithful.  See Oxford English Dictionary for more detailed etymology of this word [ http://www.oed.com.ezproxy.lib.gla.ac.uk/view/Entry/106633?rskey=KrEXfz&result=1#eid, last accessed 31/07/2014]

Low Countries: a vague and often unhelpful term covering those states ruled by Spain in what are now part of The Netherlands, France and Belgium. The Provinces and Counties of Mechelen, Zeeland and Holland which might be recognisable to modern readers were considered part of the Low Countries in the 16th century. Some semi-autonomous cities existed in the Low Countries including Liege (modern day Belgium) and Cambrai (modern day French). In 1581 seven provinces including the County of Holland and the County of Zeeland, formed the Dutch Republic after breaking away from Spanish rule in the Netherlands.

Oatland: a royal palace located in Surrey in England. Very little of the original Tudor palace remains today.






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